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Mobilink GSM (a telecommunication service provider in Pakistan) which is offer variety of packages to its prepay user under brand name ‘Jazz’, All of Jazz Packages are covered in our post to eliminate confusing and easy comparison. The company is Pakistan’s leading cellular operator with a subscriber base of 31.5m and market share of 31%.

Jazz One

Based on the premise of simplicity, Jazz One truly brings our promise of freedom to life. The freedom to call anyone, anytime, anywhere at the lowest rates ever.

  • Call Setup fee of 40 paisa’s would only be charged with the first minute for each call
  • Call Setup fee of 40 paisa’s would not be charged for F&F calls (calls on favorite numbers)
  • Charges for Favorite Numbers number are Rs 2.0 + tax per addition and modification.
  • Jazz One is Limited time offer

Jazz Easy Package by Mobilink

Jazz Easy, the most affordable package that provides access to the best rates to call across Pakistan. Jazz Easy customers can not only enjoy calling at amazingly low call rates for Mobilink numbers, they also benefit tremendously from the fabulous rates to call on any other network.

  • Other mobile networksand landlines rates are inclusive of interconnect charges
  • Charges for Favorite Numbers number are Rs 2.0 + tax per addition and modification.
  • Jazz Easy is Limited time offer
Jazz Ladies First Package
Talk for hours at Rs. 5 per hour using special discounted hourly rate (1,2)
Beauty tips, mouth watering recipes, healthy diets and so much more all via SMS

  • Special discounted call rates
  • Lower outgoing call rates 2nd minute onwards
  • Jazz Ladies First is Limited time offer
  • Call charges are applicable on calls made after 11pm
Jazz Budget
Jazz budget is offering remarkable rates and package features, it is the best way to stay in touch with millions of Mobilink family members in Pakistan.

19.5% FED on usage and 11.5% withholding tax on recharge applies on all Jazz Packages.
(Pointer specifying significance for more details consult official www.mobilinkgsm.com site)
The standard connection is valid for Jazz Budget and Jazz One.
To convert your package / Package Activation.
Call 123 from your Jazz connection.
  1. Press 3 for package settings.
  2. Press 0 for package selection
    • Press 2 to select Jazba
    • Press 4 to select Jazz Budget
    • Press 5 to select Jazz One
  3. Press 1 to confirm your selection.
  4. Your package is now changed and applicable fee has been deducted from your account.
You can convert your package back to your previous package through similar process.
First Package Conversion is offered free of charge. For Subsequent Conversions Rs. 10 + tax* will be charged effective from May 21, 2011.

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